weak post but i am so happy to love someone consistently and have them love me back and it’s such a stable, safe feeling.


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I wish more people could talk about this…

Its such a rare, and tender scene that we havent seen between Denmark and Norway. And Norway, the perfect beautiful ice-queen, looks at Den with sympathy, and knows he is trying his best too, instead of being angry at Den for having to raise taxes. 

And Den is a puppy, and has a tear in his eye, and… I cant.

More people should talk about this (even if Hetaween was a year ago)            BUT STILL!  This is such a beautiful moment…. ;;v;;


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instead of “bro” just say “onii-chan”

you’re looking fucking jacked, onii-chan


When I taught Hayato how to swim backstroke, he told me, "I’m not scared of swimming anymore! I had fun!" It made me so happy. That’s why I wanted to show even more kids just how fun it is to swim! That’s the dream I’ve found for myself.

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Fot those sleepover nights with skype…



Nor likes . .


Soulmates level: over 9000