YANNY-CHII~!! Here I am again, but with much worse state. My whole being is really devastated and shattered into pieces. I know there's a lot of opinion about today's Free! ES episode (most especially to Haru) but I wanna know your side. I won't calm down unless its from you. So please, calm me down Yanny-chii, like I'm literally in tears GDI I'm so fucking gross RN. I don't care how much it will take you, just lighten things up for me.I don't want any of this. We all don't. But. *clutches chest

CATHY BBY u know my story about this late reply so i won’t say it again here ok haha


ahhh yes Haru is going through a lot rn ;; It breaks me to see him in this state…and I’m sure It broke everyone’s hearts too ;n;

Seeing him struggling in the water. The one place he had always felt most calm and comfortable in…shattered me to pieces….

but Haru-chan is strong! And he’s not alone…his friends will be there for him and help him go through this! 

also… despite the OP…I know Makoto would never let go of Haru’s hand..

*holds YOUR hand*


*draws out sword*


Can pls share your thoughts on jealous! Haru?



No but really I’ve always pegged Haru as a bit possessive, especially since that one horoscope interview came out.  He doesn’t share well when it comes to Makoto, and this episode really drove it home.  A funny thing is that flash of Kisumi feeding Haru - clearly he’s capable of interacting with Kisumi in a non-jealous way…but you’ll notice Makoto’s nowhere in that shot.  Once Makoto is close by?  Haru pulls out the ¬_¬ face.

And this is the basically the only time we see him pull this kind of behavior - when someone wiggles close to Makoto.  he acted much the same when Rin first showed up - he clashed with Rin from the start, but there was definitely more annoyance when Rin changed gears and aimed for Makoto instead.

Haru isn’t used to sharing Makoto.  In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that his closeness to Makoto is one of the few things Haru doesn’t want to share at all - he’s shown to be a pretty good big brother-type and very supportive when it comes to people he cares about, giving away his time and possessions freely, but for some reason he gets defensive over his time with Makoto.  Even when it comes to people he could consider his friends - you’ll notice that the main reason Haru seems annoyed with Kisumi is not because he dislikes him as a person, but because he dared to interfere with Haru’s precious bond with Makoto.  And Haru held that grudge for around five years now….and still does, as obvious by this episode.

And I think it’s wonderful.  Yes keep blowing those “Haru doesn’t care about their relationship as much as Makoto!!!” misconceptions away, jealous!Haru.  You are beautiful.


FREE! ES throw up for the month of September \*-*/


Free!ES 9話のまこはる by まるよん@Splashヌ08a


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Hello, I was wondering if you also have something like fanfic recs list, because lately I've been craving some good MakoHaru or whatever involving the sunshine Makoto and I was unable to find anything good, so I came to a conclusion that you could have read something good that you could share with us? If not, it's ok. Well, have a nice day and thanks <3 (Also, I love your MakoHaru art, it makes my heart go doki doki <3)


Ahhh I have a lot in fact! Most of them are SFW though so if you’re all good with fluffly MakoHaru then I am your man. B) Some are oneshots some are not but I love them all. <3

I could go on and on and on because I have so much bookmarked :))) But the list is getting rather long but if you need more, I won’t hesitate to continue the list. So many fluffy MakoHaru fics out there OTL Someone should stop these writers for making such amazing fics OTL butpleasedogoonmakemore

Oh and thank you for liking my MakoHaru art! That’s the only way I can contribute to this beautiful fandom OTL


If Makoto and Haru had an instagram  → Makoto would upload a lot of kitten pictures, and not a lot of pictures of himself swimming feeling a little bashful of being in nothing but his swimming suit. Despite that, he’d gain a large number of followers because people recognized hotties when they see’em, besides who doesn’t love cats? He’d like everyone’s pictures, and virtually every single one of haru’s since there’s barely any. Nagisa made his account.   Haru  → No proper pictures of himself, and barely uses it, he forgets he even has one! A lot of pictures of the food he makes, and things he likes, and the occasional group shot. Not much in the captions of his pictures or bio. Rin and the gang would take pictures of him and tag him and he’d like those in their instagrams. it was hard finding a non taken username.

Sousuke & Rin | Mikoshibas | Nitori & KouNagisa & Rei



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boyfriend shirt faliure???

I think Haru is ok with it tho

(might try making a color version or tweak it)